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The Beatles

Beatles / George Harrison

Beatles / John Lennon

Beatles / Paul McCartney

Eric Clapton

Jimi Hendrix

Status Quo

Elvis Presley


Van Halen

Paul Weller

Paul Weller / The Jam

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones / Charlie Watts

Led Zeppelin

  • Caught Beneath The Landslide - An attractive interactive site, but the loss of the mp3 files, means the site is largely text based.
  • Cloudburst - Fairly good fan site, but a bit too text orientated.
  • Club Gallagher! - A large set of Oasis links as well as an active chat room and lots of band information.
  • Definitely Maybe - Lots of rare mp3´s to be found and some great comedy content.
  • Epic Records - The very latest Oasis news and lots, lots more including a collection of media clips.
  • Helter Skelter Oasis - Described as the definitive site...not quite, but certainly worthy of a mention!
  • I Hope, I Think, I Kn-Oasis - News updated daily, plus a veritable feast of information, pictures and media clips.
  • Just... Oasis - Endless stream of content including guitar and bass tabs for music fans.
  • MTV Online - The best and most reliable place to come for the very latest Oasis news.
  • Oasis - Access All Areas - Another very good Oasis site, let down a little by irregular updates.
  • Oasis 4 Ever - A good site is let down by the poor MIDI accompaniment.
  • Oasis All Around The World - Fairly good Spanish based fan site, also available in English.
  • Oasis Bootlegs - Extensive collection of Oasis bootlegs for the collectors amongst us.
  • Oasis Collectors - Lots of rare memorabilia and collectables as well as the latest Oasis news.
  • Oasis Web - Another great site featuring everything from a gigography to the Oasis shop.
  • Oasis Web - All the very latest Oasis news and information.
  • Oasis, Here and Now - An attractively designed site with very good content to match.
  • Shake Along with Me - Information on both the Gallagher brothers, as well as chat, features and the latest news.
  • Sing it Loud and Sing It Proud - An ever growing site which features all the basic artist information and history.
  • Some Might Say - One of the most reputable Oasis sites around, constantly updated with news and rare information and clips.
  • Supernova Sites - A simple fan site with archived Oasis news and info.
  • Surf to Supernova - The only site around dedicated to the instruments that the band use.
  • The Mad Ferret - Loads of useful guitar tabs, sounds, pictures and lyrics.
  • The Oasis - Diverse site bustling with content, from reliable information to fun and games.
  • Wall of Sound - An extensive biography, plus some very good downloads and the very latest news on the band.
  • Where Did It All Go Wrong - Guitar tabs, lyrics, competitiona and the Oasis shop.
  • Oasis Central - A very good Oasis information source, with great design to match.
  • Oasis - In 1979 Manchester was a happening place to be. While the tail end of punk rock was still capturing audiences in London, further north a new scene was emerging, with a darker, gloo...
  • Acquiese  - Describes as all you need to know about Oasis, and it´s not far wrong. A great resource with lots of rare and interesting content.
  • The Official Oasis Website  - A great site, living up to it´s official name. Diverse content such as the recent battle of the tracks.

  • Casper´s Queen Site - Another Queen tribute site, designed as a shrine by one of their dedicated fans.
  • Queen Arena - A vastly popular site designed for fans of the band.
  • Golden Queen - A great resource for rare Queen items...whether it be songs, pictures or information.
  • Guitar Tabs, Bass Tabs, Lyrics - A great source for downloads, pictures and information on the band members.
  • Hollywood Records - Find out the very latest news and releases of the music of Queen.
  • Jazz Web - Described as the ultimate Queen source on the net, and certainly makes a good attempt at living up to the name.
  • MB´s Queen Site - A well presented site keeping fans in touch with the timeless music of Queen.
  • Queen - The Champion of the World - A nicely designed site which plays tribute to the music of Queen.
  • Queen - The Champions Of The World - A very good site from Russia (available in English), featuring a multimedia section, concert reviews and listings, plus some other diverse content.
  • Queen - The Complete Words - Lyrics for all their albums, plus audio interviews and MIDI files, plus a whole host more...great resource.
  • Queen Carnival - A basic fan site with pictures and some audio clips.
  • Queen Heaven - Another very good resource, with archives featuring news, interviews, photos and press clippings.
  • Queen Paradise - Home of The Queen Ring, an extensive catalogue of Queen sites on the net.
  • Queen Trivia Quiz - A place for fans to come and test their knowledge on the band.
  • Queen Zone - A very good multimedia section, plus the very latest news on what the guys are doing and what is happening to their music.
  • Queenware - A diverse site offering fans a whole range of Queen related programmes to add to their desktop.
  • The Magic Page - A comprehensive site, featuring audio and video clips, plus a host of historical band information.
  • The Official Queen Website - Information

Freddie Mercury

BB King

The Who

Pete Townshend



Iron Maiden
  • Iron Maiden´s Empire! - This has most of everything: tabs, history, lyrics, FAQ´s, photos, sounds, books and links.
  • 22, Acacia Avenue - [Maiden Bulgaria] - Browse in Bulgarian or English the site that has all the main info about the band with tour dates all over the world.
  • AMG All Music Guide - Quick fact page that describes their tone as "aggressive, theatrical, rebellious". They have put together a good biograpy that you can read in most European languages. There is also a list of similar artists.
  • Churrasco´s Iron Maiden Site - fan site that is not up-dated regularly, last was in 1998, but it is good and has a lot of info on the rock band. It has all the guitar tabulars for all the songs.
  • Iron Maiden - Total Eclipse - Up-dated regularly this site has "pictures of the week", singles available and video clips.
  • Iron Maiden Heaven - FAQ´s, collectors corner, tribute bands, tapes, history, awards and much more. You can also read the site in Spanish. The history section is good.
  • Maiden Central - This is an online portal for the major fans out there. It provides all the links you could need for Maiden related sites worldwide.
  • Maiden Downunder - From those Australian fans, with unique information and files on the band as well as a history and pictures.
  • Artists: Iron Maiden - RollingStone pay their tribute to one of the most famous and original rock bands of all time.
  • Up-The-Irons - Iron Maiden fanzine. Downloads, MP3s latest news, rumours and art asylum.
  • Welcome to the Official Iron Maiden Website - The official site for the legendary Iron Maiden group. Pictures, sounds, links, history, discography.

Guitar Manufacturers, Retailers, etc.
  • - Online guitar lessons and learning resources, searchable index of guitar tabs, chords, scales, interviews, sound files and more.
  •  - Great resource for guitar and bass players with gear information, lessons and chat, plus reviews and interviews and MP3s.
  • Acoustic Guitar Workshop - Learn acoustic blues guitar online from a master tutor. A free lesson is available for you to try straight away and see what you think.
  • Antique Vintage Guitars info - Classic guitar collector provides features, images and info on vintage guitars from Fender, Gretsch, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Dobro etc.
  • Big Daddy Doodle´s Guitaropedia - Guitar basics, scales, chords and arpeggios. Listen to examples then use the tabs to practice.
  • Classical Etudes for Lead Guitar - Classical solos for improving lead guitar technique, with sound files.
  • Gibson Musical Instruments - Official site with news and info, support, forum, shopping, guide to dealers and more besides.
  • Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Tips - Great list of care, preservation, tuning and playing tips, plus lots of sound files and a guitar tuner too.
  • Guitar Tricks - Dedicated to building a free online library of guitar playing knowledge. Learn new guitar tricks or even post your own.
  • Guitar War - Its MP3 and tab guitar war! Submit your own entry and join the affray, or simply vote on the latest battles.
  • GuitarFX - Guitar Effects specialists with news, reviews, chatboard and MP3s illustrating various effects pedals/units.
  • - Providing online guitar instruction, plus articles, CD reviews, featured artists and a newsletter for members.
  • Perso Flamenco - Free scores and MP3 examples for Flamenco and classical guitar enthusiasts and players.
  • - Stratocaster site with history, forum, MP3, classifieds and guides to care and repair in the ´toolbox´ section.
  • The Fender Family - Official site for Fender and its associated companies with gear guide, info and support.
  • The Guitarists Network - Online guitar community with free lessons, tabs, gear, live chat, discussions and more besides.
  • The Pedal Steel Pages - Bobby Lee presents a steel guitar forum, articles about steel guitar, tunings, online catalogue and links.
  • The Slide Guitar Web Ring - Devoted to slide guitar. Join the web ring with your own slide guitar site or simply browse through them.
  • True Fire - Plenty of guitar lessons online at this site offering electronic publishing for poets, writers and musos.
  • Virtual Guitar Shop - Dealing in vintage and investment quality guitars including Gibson and Fender solid and acoustic models.

This list was compiled with the kind assistance of UK.  Find more bands and artists on Lycos UK here:
Lycos Home > Music and MP3 > Bands and Artists

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